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[ mis-uh-plahy ]

verb (used with object)

, mis·ap·plied, mis·ap·ply·ing.
  1. to make a wrong application or use of.


/ ˌmɪsəˈplaɪ; ˌmɪsæplɪˈkeɪʃən /


  1. to apply wrongly or badly
  2. another word for misappropriate

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Derived Forms

  • misapplication, noun
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Other Words From

  • mis·ap·pli·ca·tion [mis-ap-li-, key, -sh, uh, n], noun
  • misap·plier noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of misapply1

First recorded in 1565–75; mis- 1 + apply
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Example Sentences

We have also explained where science has been manipulated or misapplied in the service of political agendas.

A common concern in these situations is that family courts will favor shared custody even if one parent says the other is abusive, sometimes misapplying the law and forcing long, expensive legal battles.

The recent backlash over a new book on the history of The Alamo is not about partisanship nor misapplied critical race theory.

There’s no serious argument Hunter did not break the law or that it was misapplied.

There is now little question that Chauvin fatally misapplied the neck-restraint.

From Fortune

They use words from the Soviet past and misapply them to the current situation.

He may mutilate or misapply the component parts of his design, but he cannot originate a whole new architectural alphabet.

Does he lose his share, by continuing to misapply the lever-power provided for him by Nature?

That which would be true in relation to one predicament, they misapply to another, to which it has no application at all.

He coupled the gift with a solemn curse and anathema upon all who should ever disturb or misapply the donation.

More frequently a later author will misapply the specific name of an older one.