[ mis-uh-ley-nee-uhs ]
/ ˌmɪs əˈleɪ ni əs /


consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character: a book of miscellaneous essays on American history.
having various qualities, aspects, or subjects: a miscellaneous discussion.

Origin of miscellaneous

1630–40; < Latin miscellāneus mixed, of all sorts, equivalent to miscell(us) mixed + -ān(us) -an + -eus -eous

SYNONYMS FOR miscellaneous

1 divers, varied, heterogeneous, diversified. Miscellaneous, indiscriminate, promiscuous refer to mixture and lack of order, and may imply lack of discernment or taste. Miscellaneous emphasizes the idea of the mixture of things of different kinds or natures: a miscellaneous assortment of furniture. Indiscriminate emphasizes lack of discrimination in choice (and consequent confusion): indiscriminate praise. Promiscuous is even stronger than indiscriminate in its emphasis of complete absence of discrimination: promiscuous in his friendships.

OTHER WORDS FROM miscellaneous

mis·cel·la·ne·ous·ly, adverbmis·cel·la·ne·ous·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for miscellaneous

/ (ˌmɪsəˈleɪnɪəs) /


composed of or containing a variety of things; mixed; varied
having varied capabilities, sides, etc

Derived forms of miscellaneous

miscellaneously, adverbmiscellaneousness, noun

Word Origin for miscellaneous

C17: from Latin miscellāneus, from miscellus mixed, from miscēre to mix
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