[ mis-uh-ley-nee-uhs ]
/ ˌmɪs əˈleɪ ni əs /
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consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character: a book of miscellaneous essays on American history.
having various qualities, aspects, or subjects: a miscellaneous discussion.
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Origin of miscellaneous

1630–40; from Latin miscellāneus “mixed, of all sorts,” equivalent to miscell(us) “mixed” + -ān(us)-an + -eus-eous

synonym study for miscellaneous

1. Miscellaneous, indiscriminate, promiscuous refer to mixture and lack of order, and may imply lack of discernment or taste. Miscellaneous emphasizes the idea of the mixture of things of different kinds or natures: a miscellaneous assortment of furniture. Indiscriminate emphasizes lack of discrimination in choice (and consequent confusion): indiscriminate praise. Promiscuous is even stronger than indiscriminate in its emphasis of complete absence of discrimination: promiscuous in his friendships.

OTHER WORDS FROM miscellaneous

mis·cel·la·ne·ous·ly, adverbmis·cel·la·ne·ous·ness, noun
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How to use miscellaneous in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for miscellaneous

/ (ˌmɪsəˈleɪnɪəs) /

composed of or containing a variety of things; mixed; varied
having varied capabilities, sides, etc

Derived forms of miscellaneous

miscellaneously, adverbmiscellaneousness, noun

Word Origin for miscellaneous

C17: from Latin miscellāneus, from miscellus mixed, from miscēre to mix
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