[ mis-chif ]
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  1. conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance.

  2. a tendency or disposition to tease, vex, or annoy.

  1. a vexatious or annoying action.

  2. harm or trouble, especially as a result of an agent or cause.

  3. an injury or evil caused by a person or other agent or cause.

  4. a cause or source of harm, evil, or annoyance.

  5. the devil.

Origin of mischief

1250–1300; Middle English meschef<Old French, noun derivative of meschever to end badly, come to grief. See mis-1, achieve

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4. See damage.

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/ (ˈmɪstʃɪf) /

  1. wayward but not malicious behaviour, usually of children, that causes trouble, irritation, etc

  2. a playful inclination to behave in this way or to tease or disturb

  1. injury or harm caused by a person or thing

  2. a person, esp a child, who is mischievous

  3. a source of trouble, difficulty, etc: floods are a great mischief to the farmer

Origin of mischief

C13: from Old French meschief disaster, from meschever to meet with calamity; from mes- mis- 1 + chever to reach an end, from chef end, chief

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see make mischief.

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