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  1. Sports. a failure to execute a play, stroke, or maneuver properly; an error.
  2. Informal. a mistake.
  3. Informal. to make a mistake.
  4. Theater. to fail to answer one's cue or to answer another's cue.
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verb (used with object), mis·cued, mis·cu·ing.
  1. to give the wrong cue to.
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Origin of miscue1

First recorded in 1880–85; mis-1 + cue1


[mis-kyoo]Billiards, Pool.
  1. a stroke in which the cue fails to make solid contact with the cue ball.
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verb (used without object), mis·cued, mis·cu·ing.
  1. to make a miscue.
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Origin of miscue2

First recorded in 1870–75; mis-1 + cue2
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Historical Examples

  • He could see he'd made a miscue—a clean miss, and the white ball in the pocket.

    Cape Cod Stories

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • The miscue he made was to flash his Fortune in the Family Circle.

    Ade's Fables

    George Ade

  • It hurts her more than anything to make a miscue on the charitable side.

    The Helpers

    Francis Lynde

  • A miscue brought an oath from his lips, and he banged his cue upon the floor.

    Parrot & Co.

    Harold MacGrath

  • Miscue, mis-kū′, n. at billiards, a stroke spoiled by the slipping off of the cue.

British Dictionary definitions for miscue


  1. billiards a faulty stroke in which the cue tip slips off the cue ball or misses it altogether
  2. informal a blunder or mistake
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verb -cues, -cuing or -cued
  1. (intr) billiards to make a miscue
  2. (intr) theatre to fail to answer one's own cue or answer the cue of another
  3. radio to start (a record or tape) at the wrong point
  4. (intr) informal to blunder
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Word Origin and History for miscue


1873, in billiards, "failure to strike the ball properly with the cue" from mis- (1) or perhaps miss (v.) + cue (2). General sense is attested from 1883.

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