verb (used with object), mis·did, mis·done, mis·do·ing.

to do badly or wrongly; botch.

verb (used without object), mis·did, mis·done, mis·do·ing.

Obsolete. to behave improperly.

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Origin of misdo

before 950; Middle English misdon, Old English misdōn. See mis-1, do1

Related formsmis·do·er, noun

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Old English misdon, "to do evil or wrong, transgress, err," common Germanic compound (cf. Old Frisian misdua, Middle Dutch misdoen, Old High German missituon, German misstun); see mis- (1) + do (v.). Meaning "to do (work, etc.) improperly" is from 1840. Related: Misdone; misdoing.

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