[mahy-see-nuh s]

noun Roman Legend.

a son of Aeolus who challenged the gods to a musical contest and was killed by them for his arrogance.

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Historical Examples of misenus

  • I longed to ascend the promontory of Misenus, and follow the same dusky route down which the Sibyl conducted neas.

  • This urn was afterwards deposited in a lofty tomb which Æneas erected on a promontory that henceforth bore the name of Misenus.

  • Therefore, the Harpies coming yet again, Misenus with his trumpet gave the sound for battle.

    Stories from Virgil

    Alfred J. Church

  • Misenus lay there, than whom no man was more skilful to call men to battle with the voice of the trumpet.

    Stories from Virgil

    Alfred J. Church

  • For this purpose the Pope commissioned two bishops, Vitalis and Misenus, to go as his legates to the emperor.

    The Formation of Christendom, Volume VI

    Thomas W. (Thomas William) Allies