[ mis-leed ]
/ mɪsˈlid /

verb (used with object), mis·led, mis·lead·ing.

to lead or guide wrongly; lead astray.
to lead into error of conduct, thought, or judgment.

verb (used without object), mis·led, mis·lead·ing.

to be misleading; tend to deceive: vague directions that often mislead.

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Origin of mislead

before 1050; Middle English misleden, Old English mislǣdan. See mis-1, lead1

Related formsmis·lead·er, nounun·mis·led, adjective

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/ (mɪsˈliːd) /

verb -leads, -leading or -led (tr)

to give false or misleading information to
to lead or guide in the wrong direction
Derived Formsmisleader, noun

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Word Origin and History for mislead



Old English mislædan "to mislead," common Germanic compound (cf. Middle Low German, Middle Dutch misleiden, Old High German misseleiten, German missleiten, Danish mislede); see mis- (1) + lead (v.). Related: misleading; misled.

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