[ mis-lahyk ]
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verb (used with object),mis·liked, mis·lik·ing.Archaic.
  1. to dislike.

  2. to displease.

Origin of mislike

before 900; Middle English misliken,Old English mislīcian.See mis-1, like2

Other words from mislike

  • mis·lik·er, noun

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How to use mislike in a sentence

  • The late insurgents professed much fear lest the Earl should mislike their yielding after standing out so long.

  • And are there, then, maidens in these days not averse to the sight of gray hairs, and who mislike not to converse with aged men?

    Constance Sherwood | Lady Georgiana Fullerton
  • We mislike no bishops save that they stand by a tyrannous church.

    Oliver Cromwell | John Drinkwater
  • Frodi said to him one day: "This one thing I mislike in thee, that thou keepest here those two who deserted their master."

  • Not that I altogether mislike banks, but they will hardly be brooked in regard of certain suspicions.

    Usury | Calvin Elliott

British Dictionary definitions for mislike


/ (mɪsˈlaɪk) archaic /

  1. to dislike

nounAlso: misliking
  1. dislike or aversion

Derived forms of mislike

  • misliker, noun

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