[ mis-neym ]
/ mɪsˈneɪm /

verb (used with object), mis·named, mis·nam·ing.

to name incorrectly or wrongly; miscall.

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Origin of misname

First recorded in 1475–85; mis-1 + name

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Examples from the Web for misname

  • This material sinful personality, which we misname man, is what St. Paul terms "the old man and his deeds," to be "put off."

    No and Yes|Mary Baker Eddy
  • He saw behind it nothing save an implacable selfishness that chose to misname itself affection.

    An Ambitious Woman|Edgar Fawcett
  • Thus, not only our bread and our boots are made by machinery, but many of the very things we misname "art-products."

Word Origin and History for misname



c.1500 "to call (someone) a bad name;" see mis- (1) + name (v.). Related: Misnamed; misnaming.

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