a combining form meaning “hate,” with the object of hatred specified by the following element: misogyny.

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Also mis-.

Origin of miso-

< Greek, combining form of mīseîn to hate, mîsos hatred

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British Dictionary definitions for miso-


before a vowel mis-

combining form

indicating hatredmisogyny

Word Origin for miso-

from Greek misos hatred

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Word Origin and History for miso-


word-forming element meaning "hater, hatred," before vowels, mis-, comb. form of Greek misos "hatred," misein "to hate." Productive as a word-forming element in ancient Greek, e.g. misoagathia "hatred of good or goodness;" misoponein "to hate work." Forming many compounds in English, most of them obscure or recherche, but some perhaps useful, e.g. misocapnic (adj.) "hating (tobacco) smoke," misocyny "hatred of dogs."

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