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miss out


  1. tr, adverb to leave out; overlook
  2. intr, adverboften foll byon to fail to experience

    by leaving early you missed out on the celebrations

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Example Sentences

And I think that very often, heterosexual people miss out on that.

But you might miss out on a few basis points of profit margin if you do.

The implication: people who are skeptical of high-profile tech and communications offerings tend to miss out on huge profits.

But third musketeer Chris Bosh refused to miss out on the action.

The worst that can happen is you miss out on some or all of a modest bonus.

A blind, mysterious asking for something haunted her, something it would be sad to miss out of her life.

Looking back on those days, Mary saw with the eyes of the spirit which miss out immaterial material things.

You might make captain of the eleven and miss out on a senior election.

If one might be permitted to enter and leave at one's pleasure I would advise you to miss out the desultory First Act.

An Irishman is as different an animal on his guard, and off his guard, as a miss in school from a miss out of school.