[mis-uh l]


(sometimes initial capital letter) Roman Catholic Church. the book containing the prayers and rites used by the priest in celebrating Mass over the course of the entire year.
any book of prayers or devotions.

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Origin of missal

1300–50; Middle English < Medieval Latin missāle, noun use of neuter of missālis, equivalent to miss(a) Mass + -ālis -al1

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RC Church a book containing the prayers, rites, etc, of the Masses for a complete year

Word Origin for missal

C14: from Church Latin missale (n), from missālis concerning the Mass

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c.1300, from Old French messel "book of the Mass" (12c.) an ddirectly from Medieval Latin missale, neuter of adjective missalis "pertaining to the Mass," from Late Latin missa "Mass" (see mass (2)).

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