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[ mis-ing ]


  1. absent, not found, or lost:

    a missing person.

  2. lacking:

    Something is missing in this relationship.


/ ˈmɪsɪŋ /


  1. not present; absent or lost
  2. not able to be traced and not known to be dead

    nine men were missing after the attack

  3. go missing
    to become lost or disappear

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Word History and Origins

Origin of missing1

First recorded in 1520–30; miss 1 + -ing 2

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. go missing, to disappear; become lost:

    My keys have gone missing again.

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Example Sentences

In this way, they get very good at being able to accurately predict a missing word in a sentence.

From Fortune

Yet what’s been critically missing is the impact of other people on our brains.

The person who shared the link with a friend or family member has already qualified the lead, so marketers must not let that opportunity fall flat because of a missing, misleading or unengaging preview.

Ellie Mae, reckons Sprecher, adds the big missing piece he needs to make navigating the entire trip electronic, from getting quotes from lenders to recording the note with the county clerk.

From Fortune

Surprisingly, 1% of these less functional genes were under positive evolutionary selection — that is, the plants with the missing or broken genes thrived better than those with working versions.

Twin buglers played “Taps” and three police helicopters flew overhead in the missing-man formation.

Sybil is dead, as is Matthew; Gregson is missing with dark hints about his fate.

Even those Christians who do want to minister amid the rancor of race and policing are missing the mark.

Even in the parts of the movement he does cover, some people and efforts are missing.

The difference was emphasized immediately after QZ8501 went missing.

But more—he realised that the missing part of her was now astir, touched into life by another, and a younger, man.

British stated their loss at 103, killed, wounded and missing, and that they had taken 495 American prisoners.

Giving a terrific whoop, he raised his gun and fired, the ball just missing Lawrence's head.

When you can play it eight times in succession without missing a note, I'll be satisfied.

The pig-headed prowler I saw, with my pompon missing from his shoe, and his bonne amie wearing the stolen ring.


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