Mississippi River

  1. The longest river in the United States, flowing over two thousand miles from Minnesota to Louisiana and into the Gulf of Mexico .

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Example Sentences

So the idea was that hippos would just swim up and down the Mississippi River?

No Sprouts has yet sprouted on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River.

Six years ago, the I-35 bridge near Minneapolis fell into the Mississippi River, killing 13 people.

The Mississippi River transports 60 percent of all American grain exports.

Picture this: soldiers from a foreign army are stationed near the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

In 1935, the first national park in Virginia and the second national park east of the Mississippi River was established.

But he left orders with a priest, named Henne-pin, to explore the upper part of the Mississippi River.

On the last day of 1806 the fleet reached the broad waters of the Mississippi River.

The Mormon city lay along the Mississippi River, and its streets and public buildings were planned on a large scale.

In 1822 Galena was visited by a Mississippi River steamboat, and a few years later regular steamboat traffic was established.





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