[ mis-uh-sip-ee-uhn ]

  1. of or relating to the state of Mississippi or the Mississippi River.

  2. Geology. noting or pertaining to a period of the Paleozoic Era, occurring from about 345 million to 310 million years ago and characterized as the age of amphibians.

  1. a native or inhabitant of Mississippi.

  2. Geology. the Mississippian Period or System: the former is sometimes considered an epoch of the Carboniferous Period.

Origin of Mississippian

An Americanism dating back to 1765–75; Mississippi + -an

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British Dictionary definitions for Mississippian


/ (ˌmɪsɪˈsɪpɪən) /

  1. of or relating to the state of Mississippi or the Mississippi River

  2. (in North America) of, denoting, or formed in the lower of two subdivisions of the Carboniferous period, which lasted for 30 million years: See also Pennsylvanian (def. 2)

  1. an inhabitant or native of the state of Mississippi

  2. the Mississippian the Mississippian period or rock system equivalent to the lower Carboniferous of Europe

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Scientific definitions for Mississippian


[ mĭs′ĭ-sĭpē-ən ]

  1. The fifth period of the Paleozoic Era, from about 360 to 320 million years ago. During this time shallow seas spread over former land areas and the first primitive conifers appeared. See Chart at geologic time.

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