[ mi-zoo-luh ]


  1. a city in W Montana.

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Example Sentences

In 2016, my parents moved from Missoula, Montana, where they’d lived for 31 years, to Potomac, a bucolic valley 20 miles east that’s tucked among the Garnet Mountains and cut through by the wide and meandering Blackfoot River.

She is a research biologist at the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute in Missoula, Mont.

My local shop in Missoula is reporting 50 percent to 60 percent year-to-year increases—and it has barely snowed in this part of Montana.

That’s still largely how my Missoula friends and I approach the backcountry today.

Tanner McInnes flies a small, light helicopter—a Bell 407—for a Missoula, Montana company called Minuteman Aviation.

Now, the state has just two clinics providing surgical abortions, in Billings and Missoula.

The Palace at Missoula is of equal rank and both are liberally patronized because of the excellent service rendered to the public.

Here he established the Grand Hotel, after which he returned to Missoula to look after his hotel interests in that city.

After traversing a distance of perhaps 200 miles, it empties its pure waters into the Hellgate river, just west of Missoula.

Did Ned say anything to you while at Missoula, about an aeroplane?

Even in the vicinity of Missoula there is excellent sport, one local trapper obtaining $160 bounty for bear last season.