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[ mis-step ]


  1. a wrong step.
  2. an error or slip in conduct; faux pas.

    Synonyms: indiscretion, lapse, transgression, fault


/ ˌmɪsˈstɛp /


  1. a false step
  2. an error
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Word History and Origins

Origin of misstep1

First recorded in 1250–1300, misstep is from the Middle English word missteppen. See mis- 1, step
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Example Sentences

The myriad missteps are laid bare in a report released by the Government Accountability Office in late January, which found that by summer 2020, most states still had not implemented the technology.

We have been putting a lot of thought into this area for years, watching various aspects such as the missteps taken by government and the unfortunate poor intentions from supposed investors.

It would have been easy to overlook a misstep from the face of the franchise, one of the league’s highest-paid players and a favorite of the team’s owner.

The early missteps in public health advice are particularly painful to recall, including assertions that asymptomatic people couldn’t spread the disease, and that masks weren’t needed.

Freedman and Madore, Riess’s chief rivals at the top of the distance ladder game, have argued in recent years that Cepheids foster possible missteps on higher rungs of the ladder.

Another memorable, if not disastrous, misstep, of course, was his turn as Batman in Batman and Robin.

But that misstep is a minor blip in an otherwise stellar premiere.

After that misstep, though, Gingrey went on to give the world of public health a great deal to cheer about.

Why did the show's proudly all-singing, all-dancing host misstep right from the moment of his bizarre jumping opening number?

But even Jesselyn Radack, one of Snowden's American lawyers, instantly acknowledged that the interchange was a misstep.

She had been mortified by the misstep, but the misstep made, only one thought had occurred to her—to help him all she could.

A misstep upon an icy flag-stone had resulted in a sprained ankle, and for that there was no remedy but patience.

Most men, he acknowledged, would feel the strain, where one misstep or one small mistake might undo the work of months.

Now prove that I did not overpraise you; for a misstep means, perhaps, a broken leg.

Looking up at him, I made a misstep, and came near dropping a portion of my burden.





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