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noun Persian Mythology.
  1. the god of light and truth, later of the sun.
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Also Mith·ra [mith-ruh] /ˈmɪθ rə/.

Origin of Mithras

< Latin < Greek Míthrās < Old Persian Mithra
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Historical Examples

  • Then, in the name of Mithras, I must go on, though it should make my heart bleed.

    An Egyptian Princess, Complete

    Georg Ebers

  • "By Mithras, you son of Hystaspes, you must be in love," interrupted Araspes.

  • A brave foe, by Mithras, is far better than a feeble friend.

  • The worship of Mithras was originally the worship of the sun.

  • Here is a holy tree, and not far distant is a cave of Mithras.

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Mithra (ˈmɪθrə)

  1. Persian myth the god of light, identified with the sun, who slew a primordial bull and fertilized the world with its blood
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Word Origin and History for mithras


Persian god of light, 1550s, from Latin, from Greek Mithras, from Avestan Mithra-, from Indo-Iranian *mitram "contract," whence *mitras "contractual partner, friend," conceptualized as a god, or, according to Kent, first the epithet of a divinity and eventually his name; from PIE root *mei- "to bind" (see mitre). Related to Sanskrit Mitrah, a Vedic deity associated with Varuna. "His name is one of the earliest Indic words we possess, being found in clay tablets from Anatolia dating to about 1500 B.C." [Calvert Watkins, "Dictionary of Indo-European Roots," 2000]. Related: Mithraic; Mithraism.

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