mitre box

  1. an open-ended box with sides having narrow slots to guide a saw in cutting mitre joints

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How to use mitre box in a sentence

  • Provide yourself with a good saw, a hammer, a square, and a mitre-box.

    Amateur Gardencraft | Eben E. Rexford
  • The camber facilitates cutting to the bottom in mitre-box work without sawing into the bed piece of the box.

    Farm Mechanics | Herbert A. Shearer
  • Hand sawing is generally not exact enough to produce angles of sufficient accuracy even when an ordinary mitre box is used.

  • Fig. 182 shows the shapes possible on a 45-degree mitre box.

    Carpentry and Woodwork | Edwin W. Foster
  • An iron mitre-box is useful but rather expensive, and you can get along with the wooden one described further on.

    Woodworking for Beginners | Charles Gardner Wheeler