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[ miks-uhp ]


  1. a confused state of things; muddle; tangle.
  2. a fight.



  1. a confused condition or situation
  2. informal.
    a fight


  1. to make into a mixture

    to mix up ingredients

  2. to confuse or confound

    Tom mixes John up with Bill

  3. often passive to put (someone) into a state of confusion

    I'm all mixed up

  4. foll byin or with; usually passive to involve (in an activity or group, esp one that is illegal)

    why did you get mixed up in that drugs racket?

  5. mix it up informal.
    to fight

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mix-up1

First recorded in 1835–45; noun use of verb phrase mix up

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Example Sentences

You mix up English working-class gruffness with African-American soul from the Deep South.

An accidental mix-up of measles vaccine and a common muscle relaxer killed at least 15 Syrian children, and possibly many more.

She said she has tried to contact Twitter about the mix up, but thus far the number she has been calling has been a fax line.

Admitting—gasp—that his PR guy lied about the “medication mix-up”?!?

“The shoe has become the ‘it’ accessory to mix up wardrobes,” said Ken Downing, Senior VP and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus.

This was the cause of the mix-up of his Division which Stopford, no doubt, would take in hand as soon as he could.

I judged the bodyguard met them just above here, and there was a grand mix-up, but we couldn't see well at the distance.

Instantly there was a mix-up, with bellowing, plunging steers all about him.

He was telling the Professor about your mix-up with Lumpy Bates.

He met him a night or two later at the Umballa Club, and a strange emotional mix-up resulted.