[ miks-uhp ]
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  1. a confused state of things; muddle; tangle.

  2. a fight.

Origin of mix-up

First recorded in 1835–45; noun use of verb phrase mix up

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How to use mix-up in a sentence

  • This was the cause of the mix-up of his Division which Stopford, no doubt, would take in hand as soon as he could.

  • I judged the bodyguard met them just above here, and there was a grand mix-up, but we couldn't see well at the distance.

    The Belted Seas | Arthur Colton
  • Instantly there was a mix-up, with bellowing, plunging steers all about him.

    The Pony Rider Boys in Texas | Frank Gee Patchin
  • He was telling the Professor about your mix-up with Lumpy Bates.

    The Pony Rider Boys in Texas | Frank Gee Patchin
  • He met him a night or two later at the Umballa Club, and a strange emotional mix-up resulted.

    The Tigress | Anne Warner

British Dictionary definitions for mix-up


  1. a confused condition or situation

  2. informal a fight

verbmix up (tr, adverb)
  1. to make into a mixture: to mix up ingredients

  2. to confuse or confound: Tom mixes John up with Bill

  1. (often passive) to put (someone) into a state of confusion: I'm all mixed up

  2. (foll by in or with; usually passive) to involve (in an activity or group, esp one that is illegal): why did you get mixed up in that drugs racket?

  3. mix it up US and Canadian informal to fight

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Confuse, confound, as in His explanation just mixed me up even more, or I always mix up the twins. [c. 1800]

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