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  1. put together or formed by mixing.

  2. composed of different constituents or elements: The country has a mixed form of government, blending democracy, aristocracy, and monarchy.

  1. of different kinds combined: The recipe calls for peanuts and almonds, but you can use any kind of mixed nuts.I've got mixed emotions about this move, given that I do want the new job but don't want to be so far from my mother.

  2. involving or comprised of people of different gender, class, ethnicity, religion, etc.: In this study, men talked more than women did in mixed company.I grew up in a religiously mixed neighborhood, so my elementary school celebrated lots of different holidays.Her parents had a mixed marriage, with her father being African American and her mother Japanese.

  3. Law. involving more than one issue or aspect: What counts as fair use and what as copyright infringement is a mixed question of law and fact.

  4. Phonetics. (of a vowel) central.

  5. Mathematics. (of partial derivatives) of second or higher order and involving differentiation with respect to more than one variable.

  6. (of trains) composed of both passenger and freight cars.

  7. Logic. containing quantifiers of unlike kind.

  8. (of a stock or commodity market) characterized by uneven price movements, with some prices rising and others falling.

Origin of mixed

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English mixt, from Latin mixtus “mingled,” past participle of miscēre “to mingle”; see mix

Other words from mixed

  • mix·ed·ly [mik-sid-lee, mikst-lee], /ˈmɪk sɪd li, ˈmɪkst li/, adverb
  • mix·ed·ness, noun
  • well-mixed, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for mixed


/ (mɪkst) /

  1. formed or blended together by mixing

  2. composed of different elements, races, sexes, etc: a mixed school

  1. consisting of conflicting elements, thoughts, attitudes, etc: mixed feelings; mixed motives

  2. (of a legal action)

    • having the nature of both a real and a personal action, such as a demand for the return of wrongfully withheld property as well as for damages to compensate for the loss

    • having aspects or issues determinable by different persons or bodies: a mixed question of law and fact

  3. (of an inflorescence) containing cymose and racemose branches

  4. (of a nerve) containing both motor and sensory nerve fibres

  5. maths

    • (of a number) consisting of the sum of an integer and a fraction, as 5 1/2

    • (of a decimal) consisting of the sum of an integer and a decimal fraction, as 17.43

    • (of an algebraic expression) consisting of the sum of a polynomial and a rational fraction, such as 2 x + 4 x ² + 2/3 x

Derived forms of mixed

  • mixedly (ˈmɪksɪdlɪ), adverb
  • mixedness (ˈmɪksɪdnɪs), noun

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