/ (ˌmɪksəʊˈlɪdɪən) /

  1. music of, relating to, or denoting an authentic mode represented by the ascending natural diatonic scale from G to G: See Hypo-

Origin of mixolydian

C16: from Greek mixoludios half-Lydian

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How to use mixolydian in a sentence

  • The mixolydian mode is also identical with our modern major scale except for the whole tone between the 7th and 8th degrees.

    Music: An Art and a Language | Walter Raymond Spalding
  • The Mixo-lydian (e.g.) is high-pitched and plaintive: what more can the Hyper-mixolydian be?

    The Modes of Ancient Greek Music | David Binning Monro
  • The strange beauty of the Slavsia lies in the use of the mixolydian mode, and its simple harmonisation.

    The Russian Opera | Rosa Newmarch
  • The mixolydian, which was Sappho's mode, was the mode for sentiment and passion.