[ mees-tek ]
/ ˈmis tɛk /

noun, plural Mix·tecs, (especially collectively) Mix·tec for 1.

a member of an Amerindian people of Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Puebla, Mexico.
the Oto-Manguean language of the Mixtecs, consisting of a number of highly divergent dialects.
Also Mixteco.

Origin of Mixtec

1840–50; < Mexican Spanish mixteco < Nahuatl mixtēcah, plural of mixtēcatl person from Mixtlān (mix(tli) cloud + -tlān locative suffix, -tēcatl suffix of personal nouns)

Related forms

Mix·tec·an, adjective, noun
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Examples from the Web for mixtec

  • The priest, an excellent man, is a pure-blooded Mixtec indian, talking the language as his mother tongue.

    In Indian Mexico (1908)|Frederick Starr

British Dictionary definitions for mixtec


/ (ˈmiːstɛk) /


plural -tecs or -tec a member of an American Indian people of Mexico
the language of this people

Derived Forms

Mixtecan, adjective, noun
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