or miz·en

[ miz-uh n ]
/ ˈmɪz ən /


a fore-and-aft sail set on a mizzenmast.Compare crossjack, spanker(def 1a).


of or relating to a mizzenmast.
noting a sail, yard, boom, etc., or any rigging belonging to a mizzen lower mast or to some upper mast of a mizzenmast.
noting any stay running aft and upward to the head of a mizzen lower mast or some specified upper mast of a mizzenmast: mizzen topmast stay.

Origin of mizzen

1375–1425; late Middle English meson, mesan, probably < Italian mezzana
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a sail set on a mizzenmast
short for mizzenmast


of or relating to any kind of gear used with a mizzenmasta mizzen staysail

Word Origin for mizzen

C15: from French misaine, from Italian mezzana, mezzano middle
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Word Origin and History for mizen



early 15c., from Middle French misaine "foresail, foremast," altered (by influence of Italian mezzana "mizzen") from Old French migenne, from Catalan mitjana, from Latin medianus "of the middle" (see median). Klein suggests the French word is from Arabic, via Italian.

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