[ nee-mee ]

  1. Psychology. the retentive basis or basic principle in a mind or organism accounting for memory.

  2. (initial capital letter)Classical Mythology. the Muse of memory, one of the original three Muses.

Origin of mneme

1910–15; <Greek mnḗmē memory; see mnemonic

Other words from mneme

  • mne·mic [nee-mik], /ˈni mɪk/, adjective

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How to use mneme in a sentence

  • The sum of the hereditary and individual engrams thus produced in a living organism is designated by the term mneme.

    The Sexual Question | August Forel
  • Semon also shows that the phenomena of regeneration in the embryo, as well as those of the adult, obey the law of the mneme.

    The Sexual Question | August Forel
  • The mental faculties of animal species, as well as their physical characters, depend on their ancestral hereditary mneme.

    The Sexual Question | August Forel
  • I refer the reader to what has been said concerning the mneme (Chapter I).

    The Sexual Question | August Forel
  • There is episteme, which is connected with stasis, as mneme is with meno.

    Cratylus | Plato