[ moh-kuh ]
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  1. (initial capital letter)Also Mukha. a seaport in the Republic of Yemen on the Red Sea.

  2. a choice variety of coffee, originally grown in Arabia.

  1. a flavoring obtained from a coffee infusion or a combined infusion of chocolate and coffee.

  2. a brownish chocolate color.

  3. a glove leather, finer and thinner than doeskin, the best grades of which are made from Arabian goatskins.

Origin of mocha

1765–75 for def. 2

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How to use mocha in a sentence

  • mocha is generally considered to be the best type of coffee, with Java a close second.

    Woodcraft and Camping | George Washington Sears (Nessmuk)
  • The mocha appears also in the Kidd narratives, and continued her career of piracy till 1699, at least.

  • Off mocha he saw an animal, five miles distant, that lifted the body high out of the water like a snake.

    Mythical Monsters | Charles Gould
  • They sent a few pounds in 1721 to Amsterdam, where the coffee brought a higher price than Java or mocha.

    All About Coffee | William H. Ukers
  • Next to mocha, the Cazengo coffee is the smallest bean that is to be found in the European markets.

    All About Coffee | William H. Ukers

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/ (ˈmɒkə) /

  1. a strongly flavoured dark brown coffee originally imported from Arabia

  2. a flavouring made from coffee and chocolate

  1. a soft glove leather with a suede finish, made from goatskin or sheepskin

    • a dark brown colour

    • (as adjective): mocha shoes

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/ (ˈmɒkə) /

  1. a port in Yemen, on the Red Sea; in the former North Yemen until 1990: formerly important for the export of Arabian coffee. Pop: 14 562 (2005 est)

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