abbreviation for(formerly in Britain)
  1. Medical Officer of Health

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How to use MOH in a sentence

  • There is an island larger than the rest, called Ho-MOH-ah, where once the tribe of Seshahts made their summer home.

  • "Hit ain't MOH'n half chicory, sah," From an impromptu cupboard he brought a plate of small round cakes.

    The Long Roll | Mary Johnston
  • Up home in Ferginia, where I come from, it never costs MOH'n five; but I'm willin' to go as high as fifteen.

    From Pillar to Post | John Kendrick Bangs
  • He ben in town MOH dan a week, an' he was low down sick—lef' by some ship he been a' sailin' on.

    The Voodoo Gold Trail | Walter Walden
  • Most of the generals were for yielding, but the brave old chieftain, MOH-Wang, opposed such a step.

    General Gordon | Seton Churchill