abbreviation for (formerly in Britain)

Medical Officer of Health

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Examples from the Web for moh

Historical Examples of moh

  • "Dat's moh 'n I can say, Mista Ahnold," one of the men returned.

  • "But I ain't no moh," Hewlet turned his back and began anew to weep.

    Sunlight Patch

    Credo Fitch Harris

  • I've been awake for seven days, Brent, an' I ain't a girl no moh in some ways.

    Sunlight Patch

    Credo Fitch Harris

  • The fate that they met with was the same as they had dealt to Moh Wang.

    The Red Book of Heroes

    Leonora Blanche Lang

  • Ef yo all say Ah am a reel capn, den Ah aint goin t be no common solger no moh!

    Little Washington's Relatives

    Lillian Elizabeth Roy