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[ moi-ruh ]


, plural Moi·rai [moi, -rahy]
  1. Classical Mythology.
    1. the personification of fate.
    2. Moirai, the Fates. See fate ( def 6 ).
  2. (often lowercase) (among ancient Greeks) a person's fate or destiny.
  3. a female given name.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Moira1

From Greek moîra “part, portion of booty, one’s portion in life, division (of land, people), political party,” related to Greek méros “a part”

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Example Sentences

This summer, Bug also has to contend with a friend named Moira, who is determined to give Bug a girly makeover before they go to their new school in the fall.

From Time

Smith attended both funerals as a cop and as the husband of Police Officer Moira Smith, who died on 9/11.

It belonged to Police Officer Moira Smith, who was last seen leading a bleeding civilian to safety from the South Tower.

"Unfortunately, it's just not funny enough," summarized Moira Macdonald at The Seattle Times.

Moira Johnston and her breasts have become pseudo-celebrities in downtown Manhattan this summer.

Moira Johnston takes her top off in New York City to draw attention to a state law sanctioning bared breasts in public.

She doubtless represents the Moira or Fate, whose touch deprives him of life.

Moira alone remained close to Paul; his arm had encircled her where he sat.

"Patience says that it takes a woman to manage things," retorted Moira wisely.

I mean, of course, names other than Jimmy—and Moira—and the other child.

But most of all, they blossomed about Moira—for the sake, not only of the child, but of his dead love.