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noun, plural Moi·rai [moi-rahy] /ˈmɔɪ raɪ/ for 1, 2.
  1. Classical Mythology.
    1. the personification of fate.
    2. Moirai,the Fates.
  2. (often lowercase) (among ancient Greeks) a person's fate or destiny.
  3. a female given name.
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Historical Examples

  • Then the soul of the brave Herakles was stirred within him, and he sware that the Moirai should not win the victory.

    Museum of Antiquity

    L. W. Yaggy

  • But the mighty Moirai, whose word even Zeus himself may not turn aside, had fixed the doom of Meleagros.

  • Even then these “Moirai” differ considerably from those of ancient Greek mythology.

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pl n singular Moira (ˈmɔɪrə)
  1. the Moirai the Greek goddesses of fateRoman counterparts: the Parcae See Fates
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fem. proper name, one of the Fates, from Greek Moira, literally "share, fate," related to moros "fate, destiny, doom," meros "part, lot," meiresthai "to receive one's share" (see merit (n.)).

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