[ mol-ee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Mary or Milicent.

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Example Sentences

She’d inherited it from her friend Mollie, who inherited it from another friend, and back and back and back.

She has rebuked him, Mollie had threatened to call the police.

After the show, Mollie says she was bombarded online and in real life with praise.

Was Mollie Catalano, the director of communications at Five Guys, surprised that the restaurant critics were so hostile?

The Royalist's sources have maintained all along that the Mollie/Harry hook up was of dubious veracity, but still: Booo.

Mollie King was photographed wearing 'Royal Blue' yesterday, and the Daily Mail is making inferences....

Harry and Mollie first met in July 2010 at a polo event where Harry was playing.

In her dim, cushioned corner Mollie Gretna lay back against the wall, her face pale and her weak mouth foolishly agape.

Following a brief interval, during which even Mollie Gretna was held silent by the strangeness of the proceedings.

"No, it isn't a dance," came back Mollie's voice wearily from the other end of the wire.

At the lilt in her voice Mollie, at her end of the wire, sat up and stared inquiringly into the black mouth of the telephone.

Grace digested this remark for a moment, staring at the telephone in much the same manner as Mollie had done a few minutes before.





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