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[ mol-uh-fahyd ]


  1. having been pacified or appeased, or showing appeasement:

    The mollified plaintiffs agreed to withdraw their claim.

    "That's better," Keisha said in a mollified tone.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of mollify ( def ).

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  • un·mol·li·fied adjective

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Example Sentences

It may also be an attempt to cool down emotions that led to Wednesday’s invasion of the Capitol, and to mollify advertisers’ concerns about being associated with programs that could be inciting listeners to violence.

You might mollify some by creating a “naming ceremony” for your child.

My feelings were still hurt and I was in a snit and would not be mollified.

From Ozy

Those miffed by the absence of the commander in chief for two years straight seemed somewhat mollified.

The manner of his prisoner, sufficiently mollified the officer; and he made a sign to his attendants to withdraw.

The mollified women did not shake hands, but each raised her tea-cup to her lips and winked.

He added the last phrase so respectfully that she was mollified, and rejoined with a sigh: "I'm afraid I can't help you much."

His soft words and soothing suggestions mollified Justice, and Rita started forth upon her visit to Sukey.

She was somewhat mollified; but there was still a hard note in her voice, and not a little distrust too.


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