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[ mom ]


  1. a person’s mother or one’s mother.
  2. a term of endearment used to refer to a woman or girl who is admired: She came on stage at the beginning of the concert, and I was like, MOM.

    Obviously she has no kids, but she is such a mom.

    She came on stage at the beginning of the concert, and I was like, MOM.

    All her friends call her “mom” even though she just started middle school.


  1. beautiful or stylish; amazing; to be admired: She’s so mom in that movie.

    That outfit is mom!

    She’s so mom in that movie.

verb (used with object)

  1. to act as a mother toward; act maternally toward, sometimes in an excessive way: I think I just got mommed by my cat.

    She just mommed me with advice.

    I think I just got mommed by my cat.

    She totally mommed those bullies.

  2. to refer to (an admired woman or girl) as “mom”:

    My friends mommed the selfie I just posted.

verb (used without object)

  1. to perform the tasks or duties of a female parent; act maternally, sometimes in an excessive way: She mommed out hard after I came home late.

    I like the way she moms.

    She mommed out hard after I came home late.

  2. (of a woman or girl) to refer to an admired woman or girl as “mom”:

    Whenever I comment on photos of my friends, I mom.



abbreviation for

  1. middle of month.


/ mɒm /


  1. See mother
    an informal word for mother 1

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mom1

First recorded in 1845–50; short for momma

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Example Sentences

Among moms, just 9% reported being promoted while WFH, and 13% said they’d landed a pay bump.

From Fortune

The stress dose went up a notch for the third group, which had daily separation from siblings and no access to mom during that hour.

The researchers assessed the monkeys’ willingness to let go of mom and explore the new digs.

Their moms laid the eggs as adults living in air instead of in the youngsters’ tetracycline-tinged soup.

We had started our collaborative artistic journey together, drawing from picture books at home by our mom’s side.

I meant no harm by it, but I remembered how this person talked, and I did it for my Mom and she was not into it.

Not only does his mom live in Brooklyn, but he also has a child with a woman there.

The kids are out of school, Mom is out of get-up-and-go, Dad is out of work.

In another phone call two days later, Wright asked his mom who had the car.

Witnesses say his last words were “it hurt” and “call my mom.”

Old Mom always had a friendly greeting for me and knew in which pocket I had parked the peanuts.

But mom'll say what I ain't got in my head I got to have in my feet.

I tell you this because I can see that you are just like your mom was, you like pretty things so much.

It was his fault she was so far from Mom and Dad when a thing like this happened.

And his mom'll say to his dad, 'George, Dear—is the ionocar nice and shiny?


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