[ mon-uh-zahyt ]
/ ˈmɒn əˌzaɪt /


a reddish- or yellowish-brown mineral, a phosphate of cerium and lanthanum, (Ce,La)PO4: the principal ore of thorium.


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Origin of monazite

1830–40; < German Monazit, equivalent to monaz- (< Greek monázein to be alone; see mon-) + -it -ite1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

British Dictionary definitions for monazite

/ (ˈmɒnəˌzaɪt) /


a yellow to reddish-brown mineral consisting of a phosphate of thorium, cerium, and lanthanum in monoclinic crystalline form

Word Origin for monazite

C19: from German, from Greek monazein to live alone, so called because of its rarity
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Scientific definitions for monazite

[ mŏnə-zīt′ ]

A yellow or reddish-brown monoclinic mineral that is a principal ore of several lanthanide (rare-earth) elements. It occurs as tabular crystals in pegmatites, granites, and metamorphic rocks, as well as in sand. Chemical formula: (Ce, La, Nd, Th)PO4.
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