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, French.
  1. the world; people; society.

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Example Sentences

Le Monde points to the recent creepy clowns in Wasco, California, and the fourth season of “American Horror Story.”

“I press the detonator and I am the only one responsible,” Trierweiler writes of the tweet, as excerpted Wednesday in Le Monde.

Le Monde once called his résumé "so impeccable that it's almost discouraging."

At Le Monde Hotel in central Edinburgh this week, she was still captivating at the age of 66.

Le Monde praised the “Nutella-Communist” alliance for saving the country.

L'adieu et le deuil se clost par l'occision des chiens ce que le mourant ait des avants-coureurs en l'autre monde.

At least this is as far as my observation of him goes on the few occasions I have seen him in the beau monde.

They surround themselves with the atmosphere of the demi-monde and forget that a wrinkle is as fatal as a chaperon.

Ennui is a word one hears constantly; if it rains toute le monde est triste.

Her color was unusually high, and had she been any but a lady of the grande monde I should have said that she was flustered.