[ mon-i-tahy-zey-shuhn, muhn- ]


  1. the act or process of making an income from something that otherwise would not generate revenue:

    The benefits of a partnership with us include web content monetization through advertising, promotions, and user subscriptions.

  2. Economics. the act or process of converting a debt, especially the national debt, into currency, as by issuing government bonds or printing more money:

    Observers of the continuous monetization of U.S. debt cannot avoid concern about the dollar's value as the supply of ever more dollars pours out of the Federal Reserve.

  3. the act of converting gold, diamonds, or other precious commodities to money; liquidation:

    Another option is the monetization of gold—investors can park their stash of gold with banks, which will turn it into a monetary deposit.

  4. the act of designating a particular metal for use as currency:

    In India, the monetization of silver to replace cowrie shells is less than a thousand years old.

  5. the act of converting an economy to the exchange of goods and services for money rather than barter or payment in kind:

    With the monetization of the economy and the stagnation of agriculture, peasants were forced to sell their land.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of monetization1

First recorded in 1855–60; Latin monēt(a) “coinage, money” + -ization ( def ); mint 2( def )

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Example Sentences

Commission lawmakers have said they want to force platforms to take more responsibility for the content they fence and monetize — fuelled by concerns about the impact of online hate speech, terrorist content and divisive disinformation.

Publishers do not yet have a quick and easy, one-size fits all strategy for monetizing TikTok.

From Digiday

Activision Blizzard is hoping to monetize that high level of engagement in a way other sports can’t.

From Digiday

Meanwhile, freelance writers and journalists from various publications are setting out to monetize their loyal readerships on their own using paid subscription newsletter platform Substack.

From Digiday

“We give news organizations the ability to post news on Facebook free of charge, and they have full control over how that content is accessed and monetized,” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement.

Which will, no doubt, usher in (see Red Sox, Boston) an era of hyper-monetization.

This is the main advantage of the free-to-play monetization model.

The Android operating system is “in the early stages of monetization,” he acknowledges.

If we coin too low a dollar before general re-monetization our gold will flow out from us.

Let us see whether monetization does, or does not, create value.

It is the fact of monetization for one of the metals, and demonetization for the other.





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