1. Men under religious vows who live in a community and whose work is usually centered on their community, which is called a monastery. Buddhism and Christianity have notable groups of monks. In Christianity, the monks are members of religious orders .

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Example Sentences

Founded by German monks in present-day Old Town Stockholm, Zum Franziskaner has become a legend amongst locals and tourists.

The monks in those monasteries were the only historians around at that time.

The government of Colombia decided to loan the 28,000 square meter fixer-upper to a fraternity of hermetic Benedictine monks.

I have arranged a meeting with Brother Davide—one of two monks who live at The Cathedral full time.

Even the storied Red Burgundies made by Cistercian monks were dark pink.

In every instance a gift was expected from the visitor, and as a consequence the monks fared sumptuously.

The ancient monks gave this name to the superior whom they elected; the abbé was their spiritual father.

It is not, then, surprising that these monks reckon sixteen thousand canonized saints of their order.

Each society of monks elected its superior; for, in the early ages of the church, everything was done by the plurality of voices.

He brought news that a numerous company of monks was descending the valley of the Isere towards Condillac.





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