[ mon-uh-sahy-klik, -sik-lik ]

  1. having one cycle.

  2. Botany. arranged in a single whorl, as the parts of certain flowers.

  1. Chemistry. of or relating to a molecular structure containing one ring.

Origin of monocyclic

First recorded in 1880–85; mono- + cyclic

Other words from monocyclic

  • mon·o·cy·cly, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for monocyclic


/ (ˌmɒnəʊˈsaɪklɪk) /

  1. Also: mononuclear (of a chemical compound) containing only one ring of atoms

  2. (of sepals, petals, or stamens) arranged in a single whorl

  1. (of a plant) having a life cycle that is completed in one year

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Scientific definitions for monocyclic


[ mŏn′ə-sīklĭk, -sĭklĭk ]

  1. Having a single cycle, as of activity or development.

  2. Having a single whorl, as certain flowers and the shells of certain invertebrates.

  1. Having a molecular structure with only one ring. Benzene and toluene are monocyclic molecules.

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