[mon-uh-mey-nee-uh, -meyn-yuh]


(no longer in technical use) a psychosis characterized by thoughts confined to one idea or group of ideas.
an inordinate or obsessive zeal for or interest in a single thing, idea, subject, or the like.

Origin of monomania

From New Latin, dating back to 1815–25; see origin at mono-, -mania
Related formsmon·o·ma·ni·ac [mon-uh-mey-nee-ak] /ˌmɒn əˈmeɪ niˌæk/, nounmon·o·ma·ni·a·cal [mon-uh-muh-nahy-uh-kuh l] /ˌmɒn ə məˈnaɪ ə kəl/, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Historical Examples of monomaniac

  • Had much study made of him a monomaniac babbling in a dream of absurdities?

  • "I shall not say anything," said the monomaniac, with a wonderful and peaceful face.

  • I am full of the fellow; a little more, and he'll make a monomaniac of me.

  • "She is a monomaniac on the subject, I should imagine," observed Albert.

    Uncle Terry

    Charles Clark Munn

  • She became a monomaniac, and of that sort of which rulers of men are made.

    The Threatening Eye

    Edward Frederick Knight

British Dictionary definitions for monomaniac



an excessive mental preoccupation with one thing, idea, etc
Derived Formsmonomaniac, noun, adjectivemonomaniacal (ˌmɒnəʊməˈnaɪəkəl), adjective
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Word Origin and History for monomaniac

1833; see monomania + maniac. Related: Monomaniacal.



"insanity in regard to a single subect or class of subjects," 1820, probably on model of earlier French monomanie, from Modern Latin monomania, from Greek monos "single, alone" (see mono-) + mania (see mania).

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monomaniac in Medicine


[mŏn′ə-mānē-ə, -mānyə]


Pathological obsession with one idea or subject, as in paranoia.
Related formsmon′o•mani•ac′ (-mānē-ăk′) n.mon′o•ma•nia•cal (-mə-nīə-kəl) adj.
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