[ muh-nop-uh-list ]


  1. a person who has a monopoly.
  2. an advocate of monopoly.

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Other Words From

  • mo·nopo·listic adjective
  • mo·nopo·listi·cal·ly adverb
  • anti·mo·nopo·list noun adjective
  • anti·mo·nopo·listic adjective
  • nonmo·nopo·listic adjective
  • promo·nopo·listic adjective
  • semi·mo·nopo·listic adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of monopolist1

First recorded in 1595–1605; monopol(y) + -ist
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Example Sentences

Epic tried to convince Gonzalez Rogers that Apple’s App Store was in itself a “market,” over which Apple is a monopolist, and wanted the judge to force Apple to allow alternative app stores and payment processing systems on its phones.

As for Epic’s other claims, Gonzalez Rogers said the company “overreached” and couldn’t prove that Apple was a monopolist.

From Vox

It is an imperfect situation, a blunt instrument where surgical precision would be better, but the alternative is to cede even more power to unelected monopolists.

From Time

It is almost as if the agency expects the court to simply nod to the conventional wisdom that Facebook is a monopolist.

From Time

Whether Amazon is a retail monopolist is an open question—its total sales remain well below Walmart’s, and even in online commerce its market share is below 50%.

So, like any monopolist, the agency ballooned into a bureaucratic monstrosity that spends much of its wealth on itself.

A billionaire monopolist mobilizes a Tea Party protest movement to stifle competition—thwarting thousands of jobs in the process.

In and of itself the monopoly price corresponds to the monopolist's profit and not to cheapness of sale.

Let us consider next what wages the monopolist in the cases described above will have to pay.

And now notice the peculiar relation that is set up between the monopolist's production and the satisfaction of human wants.

The effect of an enforced monopoly is to drive competitors away, and give the monopolist the whole market on his own terms.

But, monopolist though Mrs. Gamp showed herself to be in her manner of holding forth, her talk never degenerated into a monologue.





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