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[ muh-not-n-uhs ]


  1. lacking in variety; tediously unvarying:

    the monotonous flat scenery.

    Synonyms: dull, boring, humdrum, tedious

  2. characterizing a sound continuing on one note.
  3. having very little inflection; limited to a narrow pitch range.


/ məˈnɒtənəs /


  1. dull and tedious, esp because of repetition
  2. unvarying in pitch or cadence

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Derived Forms

  • moˈnotonousness, noun
  • moˈnotonously, adverb

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Other Words From

  • mo·noto·nous·ly adverb
  • mo·noto·nous·ness noun
  • unmo·noto·nous adjective
  • unmo·noto·nous·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of monotonous1

From the Late Greek word monótonos, dating back to 1770–80. See mono-, tone, -ous

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Example Sentences

The monotonous mugginess continues, with lows in the low to mid-70s.

Perhaps it was engaging enough in the novels, but its pitiful execution in the monotonous films made it clear from the very start that Team Jacob never stood much of a chance.

Saturdays and Sundays in jail are more monotonous and boring than the rest of the week, at least for me.

The trip becomes monotonous after the exciting moment of takeoff and the initial curiosity of seeing the earth from the sky.

She also recommends trying to retrain yourself to think of down time—whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store or doing a monotonous chore—not as a waste of your day, but as an opportunity to zone out and relax.

His monotonous music is, really, like the audio soundtrack to a k-hole.

Desperate for a way out of her monotonous existence Kumiko becomes obsessed with the frazzled tape and plots her journey to Fargo.

Has covering fashion started to become a bit monotonous for you?

Every robot punch, stab, blast, and crunch is necessary, and the action never grows monotonous.

The Superman blockbuster Man of Steel is a monotonous CGI extravaganza devoid of any humanity.

It will be no more monotonous than having one's seventh birthday or falling in love for the first time.

We resided at Derby in a terrace on the outskirt of the town, much to my dislike, for monotonous rows of houses I have ever hated.

At first I used to think the effect of so many people whirling round in the same direction dizzying and monotonous.

The opposite side, belonging to Hanover, is as flat and monotonous as the other is beautiful.

It was a native melody, but it had the strange, monotonous lilt of Tony's old-Egyptian melody.


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