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[ mon-struhs ]


  1. frightful or hideous, especially in appearance; extremely ugly.

    Synonyms: atrocious, horrible

  2. shocking or revolting; outrageous:

    monstrous cruelty.

    Synonyms: atrocious, horrible

  3. extraordinarily great; huge; immense:

    a monstrous building.

  4. deviating grotesquely from the natural or normal form or type.
  5. having the nature or appearance of a fabulous monster.


  1. extremely; exceedingly; very.


/ ˈmɒnstrəs /


  1. abnormal, hideous, or unnatural in size, character, etc
  2. (of plants and animals) abnormal in structure
  3. outrageous, atrocious, or shocking

    it is monstrous how badly he is treated

  4. huge

    a monstrous fire

  5. of, relating to, or resembling a monster

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Derived Forms

  • ˈmonstrousness, noun
  • ˈmonstrously, adverb

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Other Words From

  • monstrous·ly adverb
  • monstrous·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of monstrous1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English word from Latin word mōnstrōsus. See monster, -ous

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Example Sentences

Twenty-two-year-old wunderkind Luka Dončić started his Olympic career with a monstrous performance, one rarely witnessed in international basketball.

From Ozy

Enter Epstein, an old business contact of her father’s, whose short-lived romance with Maxwell gave way to a very different, allegedly monstrous kind of mutually beneficial arrangement.

From Time

Far too often, traditional narrative storytelling has worked to further marginalize people who are already marginalized in society by framing aspects of their identities as monstrous, inherently evil, or Other.

From Vox

The more layers of this scam you peel back, the more monstrous it looks.

One does not last weeks on this monstrous regimen without spiritual help.

“You know, I never had a monstrous ego,” Mailer confides to a friend in l987.

All I had in those days was a monstrous lack of ego which therefore required huge injections of actorly ego and misled people.

Even Godzilla, the ugliest star attraction of them all, is bigger than ever, both at the box office and in sheer monstrous height.

“In the camp no-one knows themselves,” muses the monstrous commandant.

And decency is our great, guiding strength as we face such monstrous foes as ISIS.

She was in a dream of oily odours and monstrous iron constructions, dominated by the grand foreman: and Edwin was in the dream.

Tressan was monstrous ill-at-ease, and his face lost a good deal of its habitual plethora of colour.

There are great and wonderful works: a variety of beasts, and of all living things, and the monstrous creatures of whales.

The little name sounded so incongruous; it did not suit the big gaunt woman who had almost a touch of the monstrous in her.

The one thing that loomed big in my mind's eye was the monstrous injustice of the accusation.





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