Monterey Bay


  1. an inlet of the Pacific Ocean in western California. 26 miles (42 kilometers) long.

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Example Sentences

Researchers with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute photographed this particular larvacean in Monterey Bay at a depth of roughly 850 feet.

Those sea otters are what’s providing a glimmer of hope in Monterey Bay.

Joshua Smith has been diving in kelp forests in Monterey Bay along the central coast of California since 2012.

Osborn and her colleagues captured 18 species of ultrablack fish from up to 2,000 meters deep in Monterey Bay off California and in the Gulf of Mexico.

My classmates during college at California State University in Monterey Bay played a big part in my career, too.

The white-cheeked goose is rarely seen south of Monterey Bay, California.

Its range is from Alaska south to Monterey Bay, where it has recently been planted and seems to flourish.

Monterey Bay is pre-eminently the fishing ground for the Pacific salmon.

It ranges from Monterey Bay, where it is sparingly met with, south to Mexico.

One morning in 1842 there came sailing into Monterey Bay two American men-of-war.





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