[moo r, mawr, mohr]
  1. Archibald LeeArchie, 1913–1998, U.S. boxer.
  2. Brian,1921–1999, U.S. novelist.
  3. Clement Clarke,1779–1863, U.S. scholar and writer.
  4. Douglas Stuart,1893–1969, U.S. composer.
  5. E·li·a·kim Hastings [ih-lahy-uh-kim] /ɪˈlaɪ ə kɪm/, 1862–1932, U.S. mathematician.
  6. George,1852–1933, Irish novelist, critic, and dramatist.
  7. G(eorge) E(dward),1873–1958, English philosopher.
  8. Gerald,1899–1987, British pianist.
  9. Henry,1898–1986, English sculptor.
  10. Sir John,1761–1809, British general.
  11. John Bas·sett [bas-it, -et] /ˈbæs ɪt, -ɛt/, 1860–1947, U.S. jurist.
  12. Marianne (Craig),1887–1972, U.S. poet and critic.
  13. Stanford,1913–82, U.S. biochemist: Nobel Prize in chemistry 1972.
  14. Thomas,1779–1852, Irish poet.
  15. a city in central Oklahoma. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  • "Miss Moore," he said in a hesitating manner, taking off his hat as he spoke.

    The Foolish Lovers

    St. John G. Ervine

  • After Mr. Moore leaves in the evening, and he often leaves early, anyone might come in here.

    The Film of Fear

    Arnold Fredericks

  • Enright himse'f says Moore's entitled to a monyooment for the idee.

    Faro Nell and Her Friends

    Alfred Henry Lewis

  • As the ponies flash by, Moore's six-shooter barks three times.

    Faro Nell and Her Friends

    Alfred Henry Lewis

  • Did he want Moore to tell them that he was a capitalist found out and punished?

    The Prisoner

    Alice Brown

British Dictionary definitions for moore


  1. Bobby. full name Robert Frederick Moore. 1941–93, British footballer captain of the England team that won the World Cup in 1966
  2. Dudley (Stuart John). 1935–2002, British actor, comedian, and musician noted for his comedy partnership (1960–73) with Peter Cook and such films as 10 (1979) and Arthur (1981)
  3. George. 1852–1933, Irish novelist. His works include Esther Waters (1894) and The Brook Kerith (1916)
  4. G (eorge) E (dward). 1873–1958, British philosopher, noted esp for his Principia Ethica (1903)
  5. Gerald. 1899–1987, British pianist, noted as an accompanist esp to lieder singers
  6. Henry. 1898–1986, British sculptor. His works are characterized by monumental organic forms and include the Madonna and Child (1943) at St Matthew's Church, Northampton
  7. Sir John. 1761–1809, British general; commander of the British army (1808–09) in the Peninsular War: killed at Corunna
  8. Marianne (Craig). 1887–1972, US poet: her works include Observations (1924) and Selected Poems (1935)
  9. Thomas. 1779–1852, Irish poet, best known for Irish Melodies (1807–34)


  1. another name for Mossi
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moore in Medicine


[mur, môr]Stanford 1913-1982
  1. American biochemist. He shared a 1972 Nobel Prize for pioneering studies of the enzyme ribonuclease.
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