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noun, plural Mo·quis, (especially collectively) Mo·qui.
  1. Moki.
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or Mo·qui

noun, plural Mo·kis, (especially collectively) Mo·ki.
  1. Hopi(def 1).
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Historical Examples of moqui

  • What have you done with that old Moqui who came up here ahead of us?

    The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon

    James Carson

  • And now to see whether the Moqui will promise to carry it to your great-uncle.

  • The gay blanket moved, and the head of the old Moqui came into view.

  • Frank and Bob stared at each other when the old Moqui said this.

  • Did the Moqui know what sort of revenge this fellow expected to take, Frank?

British Dictionary definitions for moqui


noun plural mokis or moki
  1. either of two edible sea fish of New Zealand, the blue cod (Percis colias) or the bastard trumpeter (Latridopsis ciliaris)
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