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[ mawr-uh-lee, mor- ]


  1. in a moral manner.
  2. from a moral point of view:

    morally reprehensible.

  3. virtually; practically.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of morally1

First recorded in 1350–1400; moral + -ly
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Example Sentences

The latest Values and Beliefs poll from Gallup in 2019 indicated that 28 percent of the Americans surveyed consider sex between an unmarried man and woman to be morally wrong, with similar breakdowns by age and education level.

From Ozy

It’s just morally wrong to use a public authority that has never, ever, ever been used this way.

Together we can encourage pharmaceutical companies to make morally responsible decisions.

From Fortune

To Kaufman these philosophies are, on the whole, accurate representations of how morally relevant personality traits cluster together.

Keep in mind that governments throughout history have argued that a given activity is morally or otherwise reprehensible until they decide that perhaps it isn’t, or at least not so reprehensible that a new revenue stream can’t make it feel better.

Morally, Boies is right, if one can use the word “morally” in the context of anyone in Hollywood.

These are men who now have wives and children, and their silence so many years later shows how morally bankrupt they remain.

It is not merely morally absurd to suggest that facts do not matter; as a person of color, it is insulting and degrading.

The story was so appalling, the attack so brutish and morally offensive, that it provoked an immediate, furious response.

The United States emerged as the true victor of World War I in every sense: militarily, economically and morally.

This judicial bent of the child is a curious one and often develops a priggish fondness for setting others morally straight.

Meaning that since she had gone and taken the land, you were morally bound to look into and consider the matter favorably?

Morally, too, it is bad for me; that is to say, I shall be incapable of any work for two or three weeks to come.

Such was the case even in civilized Greece, intellectually one of the most advanced of peoples, but morally very contracted.

“To cease to believe in right and wrong would be to founder morally, altogether,” Valeria warned.


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