[ mawr-ney for 1; mawr-ney for 2 ]
/ mɔrˈneɪ for 1; mɔrˈneɪ for 2 /


Also called Duplessis-Mornay. Phi·lippe de [fee-leep duh] /fiˈlip də/, Sei·gneur du Ples·sis-Mar·ly [se-nyœr dy ple-see-mar-lee] /sɛˈnyœr dü plɛ si marˈli/, Pope of the Huguenots,1549–1623, French statesman and Protestant leader.
(often lowercase) Also called Mornay sauce. a béchamel, or white sauce, containing cheese, especially Parmesan and Gruyère. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (ˈmɔːneɪ) /


(often immediately postpositive) denoting a cheese sauce used in several disheseggs mornay

Word Origin for mornay

perhaps named after Philippe de Mornay, Seigneur du Plessis-Marly (1549–1623), French Huguenot leader

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/ (French mɔrnɛ) /


Philippe de (filip də), Seigneur du Plessis-Marly. 1549–1623, French Huguenot leaderAlso: Duplessis-Mornay
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