morning glory

or morning-glory

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any of various plants, especially of the genera Ipomoea and Convolvulus, as I. purpurea, a twining plant having cordate leaves and funnel-shaped flowers of various colors, often opening only in the morning.
a racehorse that runs faster in morning workouts than in afternoon races.
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Origin of morning glory

An Americanism dating back to 1805–15
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What is a morning glory?

A morning glory is a trumpet-shaped flower known for opening in the morning and closing up as the day progresses. Morning glories can be blue, purple, pink, or white.

Any plant in the genus Ipomoea can be called a morning glory.

Morning glories are cultivated as ornamental plants in gardens and sometimes used by florists in bouquets. A variety commonly planted in gardens is known as the heavenly blue morning glory (I. violacea).

They are popular because they grow quickly, even in poor conditions, and have fragrant, showy flowers. They are climbing plants, so they are sometimes planted near a trellis, fence, or wall.

The morning glory is one of the September birth flowers (a flower that’s associated with a particular month in the same way as a birthstone).

Example: Those violet morning glories next to your front door are absolutely beautiful.

Where does morning glory come from?

The first records of the name morning glory come from the early 1800s. The name was first used in the U.S. in reference to the fact the flowers only open in the morning.

The common morning glory is native to Mexico and Central America. Some species of morning glory are invasive species in parts of the world like North America and Asia. The morning glory blooms beginning in the early summer. They are fragrant and can attract insects and birds.

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How is morning glory used in real life?

Morning glories are best known for opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon. They are popular in gardens.



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Morning glories are climbing plants.

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noun plural -ries
any of various mainly tropical convolvulaceous plants of the genus Ipomoea and related genera, with trumpet-shaped blue, pink, or white flowers, which close in late afternoon
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