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[ mawr-tl ]


  1. subject to death; having a transitory life:

    all mortal creatures.

  2. of or relating to human beings as subject to death; human:

    this mortal life.

  3. belonging to this world.
  4. deadly or implacable; relentless:

    a mortal enemy.

  5. severe, dire, grievous, or bitter:

    in mortal fear.

  6. causing or liable to cause death; fatal:

    a mortal wound.

  7. to the death:

    mortal combat.

  8. of or relating to death:

    the mortal hour.

  9. involving spiritual death ( venial ):

    mortal sin.

  10. long and wearisome.
  11. extreme; very great:

    in a mortal hurry.

  12. conceivable; possible:

    of no mortal value to the owners.


  1. a human being.
  2. the condition of being subject to death.


/ ˈmɔːtəl /


  1. (of living beings, esp human beings) subject to death
  2. of or involving life or the world
  3. ending in or causing death; fatal

    a mortal blow

  4. deadly or unrelenting

    a mortal enemy

  5. of or like the fear of death; dire

    mortal terror

  6. great or very intense

    mortal pain

  7. possible

    there was no mortal reason to go

  8. slang.
    long and tedious

    for three mortal hours


  1. a mortal being
  2. informal.
    a person

    a mean mortal

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Derived Forms

  • ˈmortally, adverb

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Other Words From

  • mortal·ly adverb
  • non·mortal adjective noun
  • non·mortal·ly adverb
  • post·mortal adjective
  • post·mortal·ly adverb
  • pre·mortal adjective
  • pre·mortal·ly adverb
  • un·mortal adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mortal1

First recorded in 1325–75; Middle English, Middle French mortal, mortel, from Latin mortālis, equivalent to mort- (stem of mors ) “death” + -ālis -al 1; ambrosia ( def ); murder ( def ); murther ( def )

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mortal1

C14: from Latin mortālis, from mors death

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Synonym Study

See fatal.

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Example Sentences

The Boys follows the story of a motley crew of mere mortals working to bring this elite group of superheroes to justice for the horrific deeds they’ve performed under the radar.

I’d gone out drinking, once, and woken up the next morning inside a McDonald’s booth, wincing from mortal fear.

In thinking about how important nature is to us in grieving or in being mortal, I started to wonder what death care would look like in the city if it were really tied to nature.

With the rise of AdBlock Plus and other free services, publishers saw a mortal threat to their businesses.

From Digiday

Talking of storms and duality of character, Raijin and Fujin are considered the powerful kami of the elements of nature who can be favoring or disagreeable to the plights of mortals.

While some of the patients had been seriously ill, many of them were not in mortal danger—at least not from their illnesses.

As Suez demonstrated, it was a lot easier to be tough on allies than on a potentially mortal adversary.

Chris Christie may survive the scandal, but he's scarred and has become just another mere mortal candidate.

The stakes didn't seem high enough—largely because America no longer views Russia as its mortal enemy.

Never has he been more mortal—struck dumb and slow, crumbs spilling down his shirt—and never have we deemed him more godly.

Man's enthusiasm in praise of a fellow mortal, is soon damped by the original sin of his nature—rebellious pride!

There were yet two mortal hours to get through, and the men of the party sought the cool shades of the vicarage garden.

She sobbed; he lifted her chin with his free hand—and what less could mortal apostle do?

Seven years after the death of Copernicus, was born that strange mortal, Giordano Bruno.

And I don't see her doing every mortal thing she wants, while others have to walk a chalked line through life.