[ mawr-oo-luh, -yoo- ]
/ ˈmɔr ʊ lə, -yʊ- /
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noun, plural mor·u·las, mor·u·lae [mawr-oo-lee, -yoo-]. /ˈmɔr ʊˌli, -yʊ-/. Embryology.

the mass of cells resulting from the cleavage of the ovum before the formation of a blastula.



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Origin of morula

1855–60; <New Latin, equivalent to Latin mōr(um) mulberry + -ula-ule
mor·u·lar, adjectivepre·mor·u·lar, adjectivepseu·do·mor·u·lar, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for morula

/ (ˈmɒrjʊlə) /

noun plural -las or -lae (-ˌliː)

embryol a solid ball of cells resulting from cleavage of a fertilized ovum
morular, adjective
C19: via New Latin, diminutive of Latin morum mulberry, from Greek moron
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Medical definitions for morula

[ môryə-lə, môrə- ]

n. pl. mor•u•lae (-lē′)

The spherical embryonic mass of blastomeres formed before the blastula and resulting from cleavage of the fertilized ovum.
moru•lar adj.mor′u•lation (-lāshən) n.
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Scientific definitions for morula

[ môryə-lə ]

Plural morulae (môryə-lē′)

The spherical embryonic mass of blastomeres that results from cleavage of the fertilized ovum and develops into the blastula.
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